Enock Mwepu has retired due to heart problems!


Enock Mwepu has retired due to heart problems!

Enock Mwepu shocked the football public and decided to retire. The reason for this is the heart problems he has and because of this he cannot continue his career. Mwepu sent a message via social media and thanked everyone who had a big impact on his career.

A boy from a small Zambian township called Chambishi has some news to share. He stood strong to follow his dream of playing football at the highest level, and by the grace of God, he lived his dream by reaching the Premier League.
Some dreams, however, come to an end, so it is with sadness that I announce the need to hang up my boots because of the medical advice I received.
This is, however, not the end of my involvement with football, I plan to stay involved in some capacity.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me in my football journey, including my wife and family, my agent 12MAN, the Zambian FA, all my previous clubs, team-mates and coaches, and especially everyone at Brighton & Hove Albion”.

Manager Roberto De Zerbi is saddened by these results considering that Mwepu was an important player for his team. “I am so sorry for Enock. Before I arrived I looked at all the squad, and he was a player I was so excited and looking forward to working with.

We will do everything we can to help him”.

Adam Brett on Mwepu

Brighton's Head of Medicine and Performance, Adam Brett, is saddened by these outcomes. They tried to analyze everything well, but in consultation with the doctors, they realized that this was the best decision for him.

“It is a terrible blow for Enock, but he has to put his health and his family first and this is the right choice, however difficult it is to quit the game he loves,” said Brett.
“Of course, given this is Enock’s career and a decision which can’t be taken lightly, we have taken our time to be as thorough as possible, completed advanced cardiac investigations and collaborated with clinical experts to gain the best second opinions for Enock.
“We will be helping him make sure the condition is managed with the appropriate treatment for him to otherwise live a long and healthy life”.
Unfortunately, Mwepu is only one of a number of players who have to end their careers because of similar things.