Will David Alaba leave in January or extend his contract?

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Will David Alaba leave in January or extend his contract?

There is no final agreement yet, but the impression is that the positions of the two sides are approaching, and that David Alaba could soon initial a new contract with Bayern. The Bavarians took a lot of risks when they decided to keep the Austrian this summer.

The reason is simple - if an agreement is not reached, Alaba could negotiate with other clubs in January, but it seems that it will not happen. This is evidenced by the tone in which the sports director Hasan Salihamidžić addressed the press today: "David is our player, he has been at the club for more than a decade ...

We will not put any ultimatum in front of him and we will not play games with him. We all know very well what we have in Alaba. That is why we try to convince him to stay. We would be happy if he signs , eventually"

Alaba feels comfortable

According to many, currently the best left back (now center back) in the world spoke to reporters from the camp of the Austrian national team in a similar way ...

"I feel comfortable in Munich, I've been there for 12 years, I feel like a club at home. I experienced some of the most beautiful moments there and I hope there will be more." There may indeed be, but before that, Bayern will have to significantly improve their offer.

Because the last one that went to the address of Alaba's representatives was smoothly rejected. Bild claims that it meant a five-year cooperation with a fixed salary of 11,000,000 euros and 6,000,000 through not very easy bonuses.

According to the current contract, Alaba earns about 15,000,000, and the wish of his agents is to be equal to Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Miller. In translation, to receive about 20,000,000 euros a year ...

The Bavarians will have to hurry urgently, because this type of player is certainly interesting to the biggest clubs in the world that will be waiting in line in Alaba. Alaba has shown many times how important the figure is in the Bayern Munich team and if he leaves, there will be a big gap in the team.

Although he played as a central defender most of the game last year, he was still one of the best and indispensable part of the team. There was talk of interest from Barcelona, Manchester United, but for now we do not have any specific information.

Alaba will have to think hard about his future in order to make the right decision. Bayern fans hope it will be an extension of the contract.