Mesut Ozil playing with Arsenal?

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Mesut Ozil playing with Arsenal?

The management of the club decided to "punish" him because he refused to reduce his salary by 12.5 percent, but it turns out that in the end, Mesut Ozil will be the one to laugh. Because even though Mikel Arteta crossed him out of his plans a long time ago, the German has reason to laugh.

Not only because of a salary of 350,000 funds per week, but also because he received 8,000,000 pounds (about 8,850,000 euros) in September on the basis of a loyalty bonus. It is a common practice for the biggest stars, but this time it really sounds ridiculous, because the German played the last game in March due to an argument with the club's management before the corona virus spread across the planet.

He then refused to accept a reduction in his salary, so he refused to leave in the summer transfer window, which everyone associated with his removal from the team, although Mikel Arteta persistently claims that he chooses the team on merit.

However, after the failed search for a buyer, Ozil was not even licensed for the group stage of the Europa League. So, no minutes since March. And there is every chance that it will turn out that it will be his last minute in the Gunner's jersey.

Although Ozil repeats: I am ready if they call me.

Bonus for loyalty

No one is calling, but the highest paid player in the club has never made money easier on the financial side. Now, some even suspect that because of that bonus for loyalty, he refused to go.

He is definitely a free agent next year, he only took so much from Arsenal that his grandchildren won't have to work for him either. If nothing else, at least the Gunners don't pay him performance bonuses. Waiting for October 20, when English clubs will definitely have to publish the list of licensed players for the finals of the Premier League.

And the fans are frustrated with Ozil's commitment and believe that the club should get rid of the players as a matter of urgency. Are there anyone interested in Mesut Ozil at all? Probably yes. But Ozil has no plans to leave the club and wants to make as much money as possible from them.

Such moves of a football player are not correct, but still the contract is the one that exists and that must be respected. That is why Mesut will fulfill his contract, wait for his chance, and the money will still come to the account