Paul Scholes in dilemma; I wonder if it was the manager’s signing

’Nobody at the club is taking responsibility for it"

by Sead Dedovic
Paul Scholes in dilemma; I wonder if it was the manager’s signing

In a conversation with Overlap with Gary Neville, Paul Scholes spoke about Manchester United's reinforcements and the role of Erik ten Hag in all of this: ‘Jadon Sancho was a young player who Manchester United spent a lot of money on, who was unproven in the league,’ said Scholes.

‘And why would a club like Real Madrid let Varane go? If you looked at him last season, he didn’t look right. I didn’t think it was a great transfer window”. - he said, as quoted by metro. Scholes still does not know who played a major role in the transfer of Casemiro, which cost United 70 million.

’Nobody at the club is taking responsibility for it. This year, Casemiro was done over two days. I wonder if it was the manager’s signing. A lot of money, long contract. ‘I think they need to put someone in charge of recruitment.

Eventually, the manager will get blamed for it.’

Christian Eriksen and Raphael Varane

One of United's big reinforcements is Christian Eriksen. The Dane is one of the best players of the Red Devils this season, and he continued his great form in the Danish national team.

France boss Didier Deschamps was delighted with the performances of Eriksen and he is of great importance to United. There is an attacking player who even surprised me, and not just because of what had happened that could have been dramatic for him, and obviously it’s Christian Eriksen.

‘But the ability that he shows with his club in the position he plays, because he has always been someone who has a remarkable technical ability. ‘But to play so frequently for his club in the midfield, to see the volume of games he plays, this ability even to recover is impressive.

‘And he has always had the ability to score goals, to make other players score – he has always had that.’ Raphael Varane is also excellent this season in tandem with Lisandro Martinez. The Frenchman showed his qualities and that he is slowly getting back in shape.

This is also good news for the France boss, who is missing such a great defensive player (in the best form). : ‘He managed to integrate quickly into the squad, he has a lot of qualities. ‘We are very happy to see him at this level after what he has been through. He brings experience. Playing against Christian is a player that I appreciate.’

Paul Scholes