Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal can win the Premier League!

"I believe that it’s a good opportunity this season to do it.”

by Sead Dedovic
Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal can win the Premier League!

Arsenal started the season brilliantly and are competing for the very top of the table. Many believe that this will be one of Arsenal's best seasons, but let's wait until the very end. Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the Gunners can win the title.

The last time they did it was in 2004 “They have a good chance this season because I don't see any super dominating team,” Wenger told Sky Sports.
“I believe that it’s a good opportunity this season to do it”.

Many believe that the World Cup will have a big impact on the entire season. Fatigue after the tournament, emotions, and other factors will play an important role. “Of course it's a special season as well because you have the World Cup in the middle you don't know how much that will affect the performances of individual players of the teams,” added Wenger.
“Overall, it’s a good opportunity [for Arsenal] there this season”.

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal

Wenger recently spoke about Arsenal and the good times he had in London. He accepted the decision that the board made then, and the club is in a much worse situation after him. This season's performances still inspire optimism.

“No, I haven't been there, I think after 22 years, maybe I arrived at the end of the road, and people wanted a change, I can understand. “I must say I [am] always loyal to the club and turned many, many clubs down because I felt like my life was linked with the club.
“The club has chosen a different direction.

That I can understand completely, and sometimes you need to change completely and have a new start. “My presence there could have been a problem, so I stay away completely and give the club the chance to rebuild a new connection with the new manager, and that's why I never talked about Arsenal, never came back to Arsenal because I didn't want to be a presence that is not maybe not good for the club”.

Arsenal's current coach, Mikel Arteta, would like to see Wenger back again. “I would love to [see him back]. I think he has explained it. I think he has every window, every door, in this football club open whenever he is ready.
“Whenever he feels it is the right moment to do it.

He knows that from my side; he knows that from many other people at the football club.
“Hopefully, that will happen soon because it will inspire, and a lot of people would be so happy to see him back”.

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