Giorgio Chiellini: I am sad for Maguire's situation because he is a good player

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Giorgio Chiellini: I am sad for Maguire's situation because he is a good player

Harry Maguire is the most criticized player. The captain of Juventus, Giorgio Chiellini believes that the Englishman is unfairly under pressure and that he is a great player. “I am sad for Maguire's situation because he is a good player,” Chiellini told The Times.
“They require too much of him.

Just because they paid £80 million for him, he has to be the best in the world every match? It's not right.
“The value of the market is dependent on many aspects you can't control. It's not your fault." Maguire will play for England in the next matches.

“Him and [John] Stones are a good duo,” continued Chiellini. “OK, Maguire maybe is not Rio Ferdinand but he's good enough.
“With this situation it's not helping [England] to do the best. If you want to win the World Cup, it's impossible to do it with some problems in the key players, and for sure Maguire is one of the key players in the team”.

Fikayo Tomori is also one of the options in the England national team. "He surprised me because I saw him in Chelsea and I didn't think he could be so strong in the box [or] attentive for 90 minutes," added Chiellini.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo recently confirmed that he intends to play for Portugal for a few more years “I hope to be a part of the [Portuguese Football] Federation for a few more years,” Ronaldo said.

“I still feel motivated, my ambition is high.
“My path in the national team is not over. We have many quality youngsters.
“I will be at the World Cup, and I want to be at the European [Championship in 2024]”.

Ronaldo received the best scorer award at the 2022 Gala Quinas de Ouro for his 117 goals with Portugal. “I am proud to receive an award of this magnitude,” said Ronaldo of his goalscorer prize. “I never thought that, one day, I could achieve it.
“I thank everyone who was important in my career.

It has been a long road, but I would like to say that my road is not over yet”. Cristiano Ronaldo is happy for the support. “Proud to win the award for the best national scorer for the country that I love!
“Thanks again to all my team-mates, coaches, my family, friends and all my fans who helped me to achieve this great achievement! Together we will continue to break all possible records!”