Jack Grealish on the differences between Aston Villa and Manchester City

"It's completely different to the way it was at Villa"

by Sead Dedovic
Jack Grealish on the differences between Aston Villa and Manchester City

Jack Grealish scored a goal in the last match against the Wolves. Many hope that Grealish will improve his form and show his quality. The Englishman is aware that he still hasn't found the right rhythm, but he hopes for it. "I think I deal with pressure well, but I do feel like I can start playing a lot better.

I probably haven't been playing at the top of my game since I've moved to City, but I think I've shown glimpses of it and over the next two months especially I'm just going to try to get my head down as much as I can, work so hard, and hopefully good things will happen”.

- he said, as quoted by eurosport.com

Grealish and Aston Villa

Grealish was one of the best players in the league during his stay at Aston Villa. Many wonder what he misses in a club like Manchester City, and Jack explained some of the reasons: "It's completely different to the way it was at Villa,” said Grealish.

“I think at Villa I was more free.
"At City, there's more structure. I have a great relationship with the manager. I've said in so many interviews I have never seen anything like it in the way he thinks and the way he looks at football.
He's just obsessed with it and you can tell why and see why.

I know people might be saying I might be playing a bit different from the way I used to but I think that comes with the players I am playing with as well”. There are many great players in a team like Manchester City and it is completely different to be part of such a team.

"I was captain at Villa and one of the first names on the teamsheet. When you come to City - and this is no disrespect to Villa - you have players like Kevin [De Bruyne], Phil [Foden], I could go on and on.
We've even got a full-back at the moment in Joao Cancelo who I reckon is one of the best wingers in the world.

It's obviously different and it's difficult at times.
I am playing with so many top players, it was obviously going to change my game a bit. I'm never going to be the exact same player that I was because I am playing for a different club, a different team and a different manager.
Hopefully, this is the start of my season and I can just kick on from here."

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