Graham Potter on his coaching philosophy at Chelsea

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Graham Potter on his coaching philosophy at Chelsea

Graham Potter's good results with Brighton attracted the attention of many big names. Potter was expected to finish this season at Brighton and respond to offers. However, he left the club much earlier than many thought. Chelsea fired Tomas Tuchel, and Graham Potter turned out to be the best option.

The Englishman knew what an offer from such a big club meant, and he accepted a new challenge. This great coaching expert revealed his approach in an interview with Chelsea's club website. “It's about creating a team that competes, that has respect for each other, that is honest, that works together,” Potter told Chelsea’s official website, as quoted by
“It's a combination of, I would say, football and human values that we try to work with.
“I think that you have to understand that they're human beings first, and the key thing is to try understand them, understand what motivates them and understand what they're like as people.
"Then, from that, try to come to some common ground, try to build relationships, to try to communicate effectively on a daily basis and build”.

Graham Potter on his career

Potter used the knowledge he had acquired over the years. His playing career helped him a lot, and after the end of his playing career, he continued to improve and he became a great coach. “I had a football career that I was very fortunate to have that gave me loads of opportunities, loads of experience and then my education, after retiring, I suppose gave me a chance to put that into some theory, to put some context to the experiences,” added Potter.
“Challenges abroad meant that I could widen my thoughts on myself, on life, on football, which was a fantastic experience for me, so all of those challenges, all those experiences, I think shape you as a human being.
“They make you grow, they make you develop.

I always think that in order to get better you have to take a little step outside of what's comfortable and our job as coaches is to provide the players that opportunity to do that”. There are also great expectations from the new owners of the club, who will have a difficult task, which is to achieve the successes achieved by Roman Abramovich.

“It's the start of a really exciting period. A new ownership I was really impressed by, firstly as people and then the vision of the club,' Potter said.
“The history of the club speaks for itself but it's about trying to create that again in our own way”.