Gabriel Jesus after the defeat vs Manchester United: The feeling is frustration

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Gabriel Jesus after the defeat vs Manchester United: The feeling is frustration

After 5 victories in the Premier League, Arsenal suffered a defeat at Old Trafford a few days ago. Arsenal fans are disappointed, considering that they started well in the 2nd half. However, the individual quality of Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford came to the fore.

Gabriel Jesus was frustrated after the match. The Brazilian believes that his club could have done a lot more, but United obviously had tactics that proved to be successful "The feeling is frustration because we controlled the game and the first two goals we conceded, we were better than them," Gabriel Jesus said after that game, as quoted by mirror.

"So we are not happy because, in my opinion, we could have won because we play so much better. But that's football. If you don't go there and kill, you are going to have a big problem - and that's what happened.

Now is the time to learn from it and improve. We are doing so well this season, but there are still things to improve for everyone, as individuals and as a team."

Mikel Arteta and young players

Mikel Arteta has created a strong team that will fight for the top of the table.

What they may lack are experienced players. Nevertheless, the Spaniard is patient, and aware that young players have talent and will mature. "If you look at our team you can see we are still young. It's the youngest team in the league, in the toughest league in the world," the Brasilian said.

"We have to stick together, improve as a team and don't think about this one. "This one is gone. We have to do better next time. We are playing so well, so good, but no one is perfect. No team in the world is perfect and but I think now it is our challenge to improve a lot of things - and come back strong."

Mikel Arteta is satisfied with his team's performance and has seen a lot of positive things. However, he wanted his team to win. A lot of effort was put into this match and in the end, they have to settle for defeat. They don't have much time to be sad, considering that a new match awaits them in a few days.

"Yeah, but it's difficult to see it now because we are all disappointed," Arteta admitted. "We put so much into this game and are really pleased with the effort and the quality the boys showed today but we need to move on to the next one."