Antony explains the goal celebration against Arsenal: It was brilliant

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Antony explains the goal celebration against Arsenal: It was brilliant
Antony explains the goal celebration against Arsenal: It was brilliant (Provided by Sport World News)

Antony excelled on his debut against Arsenal. The Brazilian showed that he is a great player and scored the first goal. What is interesting to many is his celebration of the goal in the style of a tiger. He explained why he decided to celebrate the goal in such a way.

"It's a friends thing. So when I score a goal, my friends know what it is, it's a tiger. They know and that's how I celebrate. To score my first goal and share this moment with the crowd, with a great atmosphere, was brilliant."- he said, as quoted by mirror Antony waited a long time to become a Manchester United player.

Ajax did not allow him to leave the club, but the huge money from United, as well as the wishes of the players, were the decisive factor in the end. "From the moment I stepped on to the pitch, I already had goosebumps because I know how much I wanted to be here and I know how much the crowd wanted this.

When I saw the ball going in, and the net shaking, I express all my feelings the way I did. Yes, it gave me goosebumps for sure."

Antony's goal

Manchester United raised their form and now they look like a serious team that will fight for the top of the table.

It is obvious that Erik Ten Hag has understood what a winning formula is, but the Dutchman is aware of the competition and does not want to 'fly into the clouds' too much. Antony is happy with the performance of his teammates.

The action that preceded his goal showed that United has creative players who can decide the game with a few moves. Fernandes, Rashford, Sancho, and Antony were key players in the first goal. "Marcus passed the ball to perfection so when it came [to me], there was not much more I had to do," Antony added.

"I saw the goalkeeper and the ball just came perfectly to me to place it as I did. I was very happy to just go with my instinct. Bruno Fernandes had the ball, I think he shrugged off Gabriel Jesus, and then he touched the ball to Jadon Sancho.

Sancho made the touch to Marcus and I knew he could slip the ball either way. And when Marcus, being a very intelligent player, realised I could make a run, I just took off. He slipped the ball and I took the chance well."