UEFA sanctions PSG, Inter, Milan, Juventus and Roma!

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UEFA sanctions PSG, Inter, Milan, Juventus and Roma!

UEFA has sanctioned 8 clubs: Inter, Milan, Rome and Juventus, PSG, Monaco, Besiktas and Marseille, for violating the rules of financial fair play. This is a total of 172 million euros in financial contributions, specific objectives and conditional and unconditional sporting restrictions in the coming years.

The sanction is suspended for the next three years of settlement agreement, four in the case of Rome and Inter.

The UEFA statement

"The framework of the settlement agreement is the same for all clubs. The settlement agreements cover a period of 3 or 4 years.

Their purpose is to accompany clubs in the transition period between the old Club Licensing and Fair Regulations. financial play - 2018 Edition and the new Regulations on Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability - 2022 Edition (CL&FS) which will be implemented in a phased approach as from fiscal year 2023.

The goal of clubs is therefore to fully meet the requirements of stability (i.e. the football earnings rule), as defined in the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations - Edition 2022 at the end of the settlement agreement.

Under the 3-year settlement agreement, clubs undertake to comply with the football earnings rule during the 2025/26 season. They undertake to achieve intermediate annual goals and to apply conditional financial and sporting measures should these goals not be achieved.

The 4-year settlement agreement differs in that it provides for an additional season to comply with the football earnings rule, but includes unconditional sporting restrictions on new player registration applicable from the 2022/23 season.

AS Roma and FC Internazionale Milano have opted for a 4-year settlement agreement while all the other clubs have opted for a 3-year period."

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