Manuel Akanji: Erling Haaland had an influence on my transfer

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Manuel Akanji: Erling Haaland had an influence on my transfer

Manuel Akanji has become a new Manchester City player. No one could have expected that this transfer would happen, but it seems that Pep Guardiola was looking for such a player. Former (and new) teammate Erling Haaland played a big role in this transfer.

Akanji revealed that a few days ago he spoke with Haaland, who was the first to send him a message. "He [Haaland] was actually the first one who texted me," he told, as quoted by manchestereveningnews. "It was a couple of days ago he texted me and that's when I told him I would really like to come here.

And also Sergio Gomez, I play with him as well in Dortmund." Akanji praised Haaland, who scored his first hat-trick in the Premier League in the last game. The Norwegian shows that he is one of the best attackers, and that his opponents will have a difficult task.

“He has an amazing combination of skills," he continued. "He is fast and physically very strong, but he is also technically skilful. With the combination of both, he is a striker very difficult to stop. The way he uses his body makes him very hard to stop him.

He keeps on working on his skills, he is still young and has so many years in front of him, but I think he will only get better."

Manuel Akanji on Sergio Gomez

Manchester City also signed Sergio Gomez. Gomez used to play in Dortmund, although he did not have a very important role, considering that he was part of the team at the age of 18.

Akanji recalled some details from training when Gomez played offensive midfielder, but also forward. Now he plays in the position of left back, which is surprising for Akanji "It's hard to tell for me now because when he was at Dortmund he was a No.10 and now he's a left-back so I don't really know how he plays right now.

It was a different play style but I want to see how he's doing, how he is in training and I'm looking forward to meeting both of them. "Not really [did he think Gomez would go to left-back] I thought the way he was playing there, No.10, was the perfect position for him but he just didn't get as many minutes in Dortmund because we had some other really good players there so he needed to make a step somewhere else where he could develop and obviously it helped him a lot otherwise he wouldn't be here."