Antonio Conte on Harry Kane: I would like him to sign a new contract

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Antonio Conte on Harry Kane: I would like him to sign a new contract

Harry Kane's future was less talked about this year than last year when he was close to leaving for Manchester City. However, there are now doubts about the extension of this Englishman's contract. His coach, Antonio Conte had something to say: "My opinion is only one of a million opinions," Conte said for "We are talking about a world-class striker and a player who in this moment is the most representative player for Tottenham.

For sure I would like him to sign a new contract.
But in this moment, for me it is very important to see him happy, totally involved with this season, totally involved with this project and in what we are doing. For me, this is the most important.
Then it's a decision that the player and the club have to take."

Antonio Conte on his project: There is a vision, there is a direction

Antonio Conte believes that the project he is building is a good step toward success.

This may be the reason why Harry Kane will stay, and his stay will mean a better atmosphere and also the stay of other players. "You know very well that you create the perfect time [for a contract extension] with a project," Conte added.
"If also the player understands that there is a right process, that everybody is going in the same direction, I think every single player wants to see this.
I think that Harry for sure is happy because he is seeing this type of situation.

There is a vision, there is a direction and there is a unity to try to improve the team and also to improve the team at the level of his expectations." Antonio Conte believes that he now has a more complete team, but that it still takes time for them to be at the top level that he expects.

"If you compare to last season, we are more complete," said Conte.
"But to reach other teams at the top level, we need time, patience and transfer markets, at least two transfer markets to reach the same level.
Now when you have to go and play one game every three days, it's normal to make rotation, the players to be intelligent to understand that they have to sometimes go on the bench, come in, alternate.
This is the period that the club can understand if we are really, really complete in the squad or maybe we could do better."