Lautaro Martinez will extend his contract

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Lautaro Martinez will extend his contract

Inter survived another summer in which clubs attacked Lautaro Martinez in an attempt to reach a signature in one way or another. For two years now, Inter has been practically fighting with the inscriptions of the Italian, Spanish, and England press about Lautaro's future.

From the fact that he arranged a transfer to another club - mostly Barcelona was talked about - to all the details of the transfer that still did not happen ... In the end, it seems that Lautaro listened to the words of his compatriots and Inter legends Javier Zanetti, Estaban Cambiaso, and Hernan Crespo, that is, he turned in favor of Nerazzurri in order to stay and continue to develop football at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium.

As the gates of the transfer market for this year have been completed, the sports sector of Inter has decided to start upgrading the payment and playing status of individuals. Namely, directors Beppe Marotta and Piero Auzilio will open negotiations with three players on new contracts with improved financial conditions.

The Italian and press across Europe is certainly the most interesting story about Lautaro Martinez's new contract. Details of unverified sources about the "anti-Juve" clause, salary, and the new fixed purchase price are already appearing in the public, but the well-informed Milan newspaper Gazeta Delo Sport still has information that can be trusted.

Lautaro Martinez and agents

Namely, Marota has already contacted Lautaro's agents Sergio Zarate and Albert Yaque and invited them to the club headquarters in Viale Della Liberazione to discuss the details this month.

The Argentine is still under a contract that is valid until June 2023 and pays 1,500,000 euros without bonuses, which is far below its real value. As it is stated, a salary of at least 7,000,000 euros has been prepared for him, which means that he will be in the rank, if not ahead of the highest-paid players in the team - Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez, and Cristian Eriksen.

If everything went well, the contract would be signed in November, until June 2025. However, the Milan paper does not claim that everything will go smoothly, considering that in Lautaro's environment they know what Barcelona offered and how much the Argentine could really earn.

And that is over 12,000,000 euros a year, as much as the Catalan giant promised to come to Camp Nou. Therefore, there is talk of bonuses that would cost Inter dearly, so the income would go up to 10,000,000 euros, but the club is ready to talk about that as well.