Bruno Fernandes on Cristiano Ronaldo: We have to respect what he wants to do

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Bruno Fernandes on Cristiano Ronaldo: We have to respect what he wants to do

This summer there was a lot of speculation about the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems that the chances are high that the Portuguese will leave Manchester United, and his teammate Bruno Fernandes also spoke a little more about this.

“There is a lot of speculation, but there is no one better than Cristiano to talk about it. I may know a thing or two, but I won’t be the one to say it. Cristiano is calm, he worked well this week, he did his work as he has been doing, he will continue to do so.

For now he is a United player, I don’t know about his future, if he will leave or if he will not leave. As he said, he will speak soon and they will have time to hear his words and what he has to say. I don’t think anyone has shown so far that there was no interest in Cristiano not staying.

He can continue at a high level and give us a lot of goals but it’s his decision. We have to respect what he wants to do, whatever he wants to do. If he’s going to stay, we’ll be happy about it, if he’s going to leave because he thinks it’s best for him, I’ll be personally happy for him.

The most important thing is that he’s okay, at the highest level and make our country proud”.

Tyler Malacia

One of those who excelled against Liverpool was young left back Tyler Malacia. Former United player Rio Ferdinand compared the Dutchman to Patrice Evra: 'Malacia was tremendous, outstanding.

The whole back four were brilliant,' Ferdinand told the Vibe With FIVE podcast. 'He reminds me of Patrice Evra in many ways. He’s athletic, he looks like a pound-for-pound strong kid. There aren’t many left-backs in European or world football in the last four or five years who have gone out of a game and kept Mohamed Salah quiet.

Yes, he scored a little goal but in the main of the game he kept him quiet. Salah would’ve come off that pitch thinking that was a tough competitor. In terms of the physical duel, he was on him. In terms of getting up to him as soon as he took a touch and hitting him, he was there.'

‘Whenever he did get past him the odd time in the game he has the pace to cover and get back. I thought in all elements of his game, even on the ball, he’s so calm and composed.

Cristiano Ronaldo