Marcus Rashford on a potential move to PSG

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Marcus Rashford on a potential move to PSG
Marcus Rashford on a potential move to PSG (Provided by Sport World News)

Much has been said about the departure of Marcus Rashford to PSG this summer, but it seems that the Englishman has no intention of going to Paris. Also, the fact that PSG have Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Neymar on their team means that Rashford would certainly not have many minutes in Paris.

The trio of PSG showed last night what a danger they pose to their opponents.
He is fully committed to Manchester United and the challenges ahead. '100 per cent, for me that's a non-negotiable at the club,' he told Sky Sports.

'The one thing that remains the same is your dedication and your commitment to training and the games. I feel like whatever the situation is I have to give 100 per cent for myself, family, friends and the fans. For me, I have always wanted to be at Man United for as long as possible and be competing for trophies at the club.

Hopefully we can get back to doing that and it's something that I'm definitely pushing to do.'

Marcus Rashford: It just takes time to adapt

Marcus Rashford believes that the manager needs some time to implement his ideas.

He is happy to cooperate with Erik Ten Hag and hopes for a better game from his team. Erik ten Hag is under a lot of pressure, considering that in the first two games of the Premiership, Manchester United is without points.

Now the most difficult challenge awaits them, which is Liverpool, who will have the same ambitions; Fight for the title. 'It just takes time to adapt. Some managers we have adapted quicker than we thought, others it has taken longer than we expected.

The bottom line is that you get there and you feel comfortable doing the stuff the manager wants you to do and also enjoying it. This manager definitely wants us to enjoy it and work hard as a unit and I've always said that when you work hard as a unit it is 10 times more enjoyable.'

Rashford emphasized that the team is in progress and that the fans can only expect the best. The match against Liverpool will be the best test. 'It's been tough, especially last season we didn't reach the heights we could have reached or the standards we're capable of.

Definitely right now the team is a work in progress and we have to understand the situation we are in and just keep pushing ourselves every day.'