Nani on Manchester United players: They prefer to not sweat

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Nani on Manchester United players: They prefer to not sweat
Nani on Manchester United players: They prefer to not sweat (Provided by Sport World News)

Manchester United will play a match with Liverpool on Monday. One of the biggest derbies in the world! And this time, most expect a great match with many goals and excitement. Liverpool is the favorite, although they started the season badly, just like Manchester United, who were defeated 4:0 in the last match against Brentford.

Former Manchester player, Nani, commented on the current situation. The Portuguese is worried about certain players who are not giving their maximum. He emphasized that the talent in the team obviously exists, but there are few who will play to the last atom of strength.

“I don’t like to talk too much, I don’t talk about players but you can see there is no hunger, there is no attitude or desire to win in the club,” Nani said for Daily Star. “You have a lot of talented players but they don’t want to get tired.

If I had to get sweaty to win, I would. They prefer to not sweat. You have talented players in the team with a lot of skills. They can shoot with their right foot and left but last game, no one was shooting at goal. Everyone was passing”.

Garry Neville on the new potential owners

Although Manchester United fans are excited given the leaked news that the Glazers want to sell the club, the former United player is against such a decision. Garry Neville believes that if the American owners inherit the Glazers, big problems could arise.

The former right-back of United thinks that the business of American companies is reduced to profit, not to the improvement of the club.
"If the reports are true that the Glazer Family are ready to part sell ahead of a full sale it’s totally unacceptable that this is to a US investment fund," Neville wrote. "Apollo have been mentioned but they need to know they will not be welcomed in Manchester.

The US model of sports ownership is all about significant return on investment (at all cost ie Super League and Big Picture). The ownership model in England needs to change and US money is a bigger danger to that than any other international money.

We need a regulator asap!" An interesting situation in the red part of Manchester. Big changes could happen. The fans have been protesting against the owner for a long time, and maybe that is the reason for the Glazers to really give up on United.

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