New Zealand wins its 4th America's Cup!

The Southern Hemisphere team beats the Italian Luna Rossa

by Lorenzo Ciotti
New Zealand wins its 4th America's Cup!

New Zealand in legend! In fact, after the victories of 1995, 2000 and 2004, the Southern Hemisphere team beat Luna Rossa 7-3, winning the 4th America's Cup in its glorious history. Never anyone like New Zealand team. In the tenth regatta Luna Rossa takes the lead, but in the middle of the first beat the rivals have already taken the lead.

From the second upwind onwards New Zealand begins to fly and set distance with Luna Rossa. For Luna Rossa there is nothing to do. In the last 26 years Team New Zealand has also lost three finals in addition to 4 wins. All those in which he participated: no one has ever managed to do the same.

New Zealand won the World Series!

New Zealand won the World Series! America's Cup number 36 which will start the selections starting from January 15th, but for sailing fans it was a Saturday of great emotion in Auckland.

Italian team Luna Rossa engaged and fought against Team New Zealand's favorites until the last meter of the race, losing by 16". The end result of this three days with 12 races is that the hosts kiwis were and are the team to beat to win the oldest sailing trophy in the world.

But that nothing is still as obvious as it might have appeared ten days ago, when the official tests of these new flying boats began. Luna Rossa then with this narrow defeat closes the World Series third, even surpassed by American Magic, to the American boat which is the only one to be able to beat the very fast New Zealanders.

In more uncertain wind conditions with an air that at times was really light, the flying machines have been having difficulty getting up from the water and flying between the buoys and these are the conditions that could be had in March 2021 when the Cup it will be assigned.

It was in that moment of little wind that Team New Zealand was able to get out of the water faster and go to overtake the Italian boat in a crescendo of pathos. But in which he also risked losing everything as the kiwi sailors themselves declared in the end.

Beyond the result (another event is scheduled for tomorrow, the Christmas Race, the last general rehearsal of the official regattas that will begin on January 15th with the Prada Cup. On December 17th with the World Series, the first appointment in a regatta.

From January the Prada Cup that will select the best challenger and from March 6 the regattas for the Cup. Dan Bernasconi, Head of Design, and Peter Burling said: “We sought the perfect balance between hydrodynamic and aerodynamic performance.

An AC75 optimized exclusively for acceleration and take off would look very different from one optimized for flight and this is reflected in the huge variation we see among our competitors' yachts in the fleet. Te Rehutai is designed to excel in both domains and we are confident it will be competitive across the full range of wind speeds we might see in the America's Cup.

We kept pushing from everything we had learned with Te Aihe. Getting a new toy is always exciting, but we've already passed the excitement point as the next 2 weeks are some of the most crucial to the campaign in terms." Taiaha Hawke of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei explained the meaning of the name: "Te Rehutai: where the essence of the ocean invigorates and energizes our strength and determination.

This time we came up with some options to present to the team so that they could join together to decide on a name that would feel better resonate with them as a team and clearly Te Rehutai has impressed them." Grant Dalton and Kevin Shoebridge of Emirates Team New Zealand, said: "These occasions are special because they give you an opportunity to be proud of what has been achieved.

But not for long, we still have a lot of work in the next 4 months if we want to win the America's Cup again. We had been planning the launch date of our racing boat for probably almost a year. So it is truly a huge undertaking that we are launching Te Rehutai today considering we have lost 5 weeks of construction time in the first Covid-19 block.

This is an extraordinary effort, which we have never made before as a team. I cannot speak highly enough of the skill and determination the team has demonstrated in exceptionally difficult circumstances not only for them, but also for our suppliers, sponsors and everyone who has contributed."