Luna Rossa won the Prada Cup

The Italians beat Ineos twice to win the trophy

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Luna Rossa won the Prada Cup

Luna Rossa will compete for the America's Cup after the win against Ineos for 7-1. 21 years after the last time, the Italian boat wins the selection of challengers and starting from March 6 will go to challenge New Zealand.

Luna Rossa is back in contention to win the oldest trophy in sailing, 170 years old. A chase that lasted 20 years and 5 campaigns with many frustrated illusions. Max Sirena's team made it that in January 2000 was on board another Luna Rossa and who has now climbed the ladder to become skipper, in the meantime also winning two cups with New Zealand and Oracle Usa.

For Italy this is the third time that it participates in the regattas that award America's Cup: the first in 1992 with Gardini and Cayard's Modo di Venezia, then in 2000 with Francesco De Angelis's Luna Rossa, now with that of Max Sirena.

The confrontation lasts just two edges, it is enough for Luna Rossa to take the lead and conquer the leadeship. Each side the Italian boat, in light winds, widens its advantage. The British watch helplessly, the difference in speed between the vehicles in these conditions is evident.

Luna Rossa won the Prada Cup

There is nothing to do: in the end the gap is emblematic of 1’45 ". in the second regatta. Luna Rossa wins the start because it puts Britannia in a position to slow down. But the Italian boat is nowhere ahead of the line, so she takes an early start penalty.

The regulation provides that the penalized boat must let the opponent pass and give him 50 meters of advantage. Luna Rossa slows down and gives way to the British, but already in the middle of the first leg, thanks to the speed of the boat took the lead.

They are 12 ”at the first gate and the same at the second. Ineos does not give up, to the merit of always staying in touch, but not enough to shorten the distance. But there is no chance the Italians go to the end. I'm here on a mission and they certainly don't stop now.

"We kept errors down, stayed calm, made good decisions and the boat did its job," said co-helmsman Jimmy Spithill. "I promise you we will do everything to try to bring the America's Cup to Italy. To do it they will have to get over our heads.

It's a great day for us and Luna Rossa and it's a great day for Italy. It was a difficult final. and a great battle awaits us in the America's Cup. A great satisfaction and a great joy for all those who support us, for our partners, for the people who cheer from home, for Bertelli, for the team and for the families.

We have worked hard, but we are not satisfied yet. We know that this is a very hard time for Italy, we hope these victories will bring some joy," said Francesco Bruni.