Jenn Gouveia collapsed and died while out for a run


Jenn Gouveia collapsed and died while out for a run
Jenn Gouveia collapsed and died while out for a run

Lately, many young lives have disappeared, whether because of a pandemic or something else, but it is obvious that the world is no longer the same. Many athletes experience heart problems, young people collapse, and obviously, something has to be done about it if we don't want to hear about bad news.

One example is Jenn Gouveia, who was a young mother and had her whole life ahead of her. On Sunday afternoon she decided to go for a run. "It started as a regular Sunday," her husband, Mitch Darragh, told CTV News Toronto on Thursday.

Apparently that was what Gouveia did often, and what she enjoyed. Unfortunately, things turned out differently. Her husband didn’t even notice that Jenn had been out of the house for a long time because he was focusing on housework, but a call followed.

"My mom was calling me, and I finally answered her, and she told me the police were trying to get a hold of me," Darragh said. Like everyone, he immediately thought of the worst, but still hoped for a positive outcome, however ...

"I immediately thought it was just heat exhaustion," he said. "And then the police called me and told me they were trying to resuscitate her but had no luck."

Healthy life and habits

By all accounts, Jenn led a healthy life, had healthy habits, and took care of her physical health.

“She was our everything,” Darragh said. "She was the cornerstone of our house. It all just happened so quickly." Her husband also revealed that she got the dream job she was looking forward to and reached the peak of her career.

"That was literally her endgame, what she wanted since the beginning," he said. "She was at such a good point in her career." Jenn was one of the favorites in her company and was on hand for anyone who needed her. "This devastating loss has taken a severe emotional toll, but also a heavy financial one," her friend's wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“Our Jenn was the rock of her family. She ran the show with humor, wit, style, confidence and love. ”“ "This financial support will help Mitch and his girls secure their stability while they navigate this difficult time." Since being launched one day ago, more than $ 180,000 of the $ 500,000 goal has been raised. "Our whole future plans are ruined," Darragh said through tears.