Kamila Lebel-Farrell collapsed after training!

"Our hearts are aching with unbearable pain"

by Sead Dedovic
Kamila Lebel-Farrell collapsed after training!

The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and does not intend to stop. There are many cases in which young people have prematurely ended their journey in this life. Some believe that the cause is the consequences of COVID, while some believe that vaccines are the greatest evil that has destroyed young lives.

Everyone has arguments on their side, and everyone believes in what they are advocating. One of the cases of prematurely ended life is Lebel-Farell Kamila who collapsed after training, and unfortunately her life tragically ended at only 19 years old.

By all accounts, Camilla was a favorite among society and had many plans for the future, but unfortunately, only one day took it all away. She was a great student, participated in many campaigns, and was excellent at everything she did.

Kamila studied Sociology at the Faculty of Arts and Science and was to complete her second year. "All her many friends describe the shining light she exuded," says a family obituary. "She radiated joy, love and happiness."

Goodbye message

And on the baytoday page they said goodbye to Kamila: "Our hearts are aching with unbearable pain.

Our 19-year-old Kamila was taken from us too soon. While on a morning jog she collapsed while stretching." "Our only solace is that she did not suffer. The outpouring of love from family and Kami's friends has been unbelievably amazing.

Kamila was a stunning girl surpassed only by her beautiful, caring soul." "All her many friends describe the shining light she exuded. She cherished her family, loved family get-togethers, and organized cousin activities. She radiated joy , love and happiness." "She wanted to travel the world.

She was a student at Ecole Secondaire Algonquin and Scollard Hall in North Bay. She was a basketball star and was a member of numerous championship teams." "She had just finished her second year at Queens with a 3.8 average.

She was so excited about being an exchange student in Australia in January. She was thirsty for new experiences. " " Her travel to Costa Rica just before Covid, at the tender age of 16, opened her eyes to the suffering in the world.

She spent a month that summer helping build schools and delivering food to the needy. " "She had so many plans, some detailed, of how she would make the world a better place. She already had by her very existence. When she was invited to do any activity by friends or family, she always said “yes and …”.

as she would make it an even more amazing experience. " "Everyone comments on how she lived every day as if it was her last. !