Warholm could not hide his emotions after breaking the world record!


Warholm could not hide his emotions after breaking the world record!
Warholm could not hide his emotions after breaking the world record!

We have the hero of the day at the Tokyo Olympics. Norwegian athlete Karsten Warholm won gold in the 400-meter hurdles, setting a new world record. Warhol ran the 400-meter section in 45.94 seconds, which is a fascinating result.

Numerous experts for the athlete believe that the achievement of the great Norwegian can be compared to the world record of Usain Bolt (9.58). After the race, Karsten Warholm admitted that this was the biggest day of his career.

We are all aware of how much time athletes invest in a certain goal, in what they have been dreaming about for a long time. Certainly, we can be happy and proud of any athletes, because there is a lot of work and sacrifice behind them to get what they wanted.

Warholm has succeeded in that goal and this is certainly the happiest moment of his career. "All this is crazy, this is the biggest moment of my life. It defines everything, especially all those hours of work I put in, everything that the coach and I worked on." "I dreamed about this, I worked like a maniac, I have to tell you." Obviously, there was a huge amount of nervousness before the race, which is a perfectly normal thing considering the importance of this competition and the importance of a medal at the Olympics.

Behind Warholm was apparently one sleepless night, but in the end, it turned out that nothing could stop him from winning a medal and breaking the world record. "I dreamed. I've been doing something like this all night, I've been thinking about it all the time, so I've completed everything with this medal when it comes to medals." "I'm not going to sleep, I've spent thousands of hours thinking about this, "Warholm said.


The great athlete could not hide his emotions. It seems that Warholm is not one of those athletes who feel a lot of pressure before the race, but he discovered that before this important race he felt very nervous, which was certainly his motivation for this result.

"I had that special feeling in my chest, you know when you're nervous." "It's a feeling I had as a six-year-old kid. As I got older, I didn't feel it until yesterday." "I didn't even touch hurdle. I found an extra strength before the finish.

This is such a great thing. History ". Warholm has achieved what many dream of and we wish him much success in his career