Eliud Kipchoge: "I want to run a good race that will inspire many"


Eliud Kipchoge: "I want to run a good race that will inspire many"
Eliud Kipchoge: "I want to run a good race that will inspire many"

The NN Mission Marathon will be held in the Netherlands on Sunday, but due to a pandemic that ruined many plans, the race will be held without a general public. Kipchoge also spoke at the press conference, and it seems that his main goal is to show the world that there is still hope and that we will fight the invisible enemy that has changed the lives of many.

“We are at a time where the world is suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic but I want to run a good race that will inspire many and show them that there is hope despite what they are going through at his time,” said Kipchoge, as quoted by nationafrica “I know there are thousands of athletes who depend on sports to put food on the table and the virus has halted their career.

I want to ask them to always be positive and wait for the situation to come to normalcy because that’s their career,” added Kipchoge. Due to the pandemic, radical changes took place in many sports, which is why athletes had to adapt to the new conditions, no matter how difficult they were.

Second race without fans

Kipchoge will be racing only for the second time without fans, but he believes that the situation could improve and that it is necessary to be patient “We didn’t know that one day we shall be competing at the airport but the situation has forced us to run without fans and this will be normal until when the situation returns to normalcy." At the race in the Netherlands, there will be athletes who will try to meet the norm and appear at the Olympic Games.

Surely most will have a huge imperative to win and show as much as they can "I have not raced on the course before but it is generally good and I know many athletes who have not attained the Olympics Games qualification mark will actually attain it on Sunday.

I want to wish everyone success as we compete on Sunday,” he said. During the race, a new technology appeared that will be important in the world of sports. It's called: biosensor measuring glucose, which will measure your glucose level, especially when you're hungry “The technology is called biosensor measuring glucose and monitoring what’s going on in your body including when you are hungry.

Abbott has done well in the technology and this will help many before and after competition,” he added. Kipchoge has done a lot for the world of sports and is a great sports ambassador in his country and in the world. Certainly this kind of support is important and that only together we can overcome these difficult days