CVC will acquire 14.5% of the Six Nations

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CVC will acquire 14.5% of the Six Nations

Bernard Laporte has learned: CVC and the Six Nations will complete the negotiation. In fact, the investment fund will acquire 14.5% of the tournament. The vice chairman of World Rugby, who also chairs the French Federation, announced it on Sunday at the FFR general assembly.

The numbers of the deal are unclear, but according to Midi Olympique, the buy-in of investors should be around 450 million euros, and yield around 75 million euros in 5 years for France alone. The division of income, explained Laporte, will depend on the number of members of each of the six federations.

The agreement, according to the words of the president of the FFR, would have been in the finishing straight at the end of the 2020 edition of the tournament, but the interruption of the Six Nations and rugby in general would have led to a postponement of the conclusion of the agreement, which would therefore also have lost a small part of its value.

CVC, an investment fund based in Luxembourg, recently concluded the purchase also of a minority share of Pro14. In 2018 he did the same with the English Premiership.

Philippe Browne about Six Nations

Speaking at the Off The Bal Podcast, Philippe Browne, the CEO of Irish Rugby, addressed issues of great interest regarding the current Six Nations structure.

World Rugby has tried to convince the Six Nations Union to accept the birth of the Nations Championship, the new global competition, which would have involved, in the original formula of the tournament, the presence of promotions and relegations.

Proposal and mechanism rejected, also because it would have Ovalia's most prestigious tournament in a private competition. Not surprisingly, although the development of the Nations Cup is one of the points of Bill Beaumont's program, the re-elected English president of World Rugby, in the first press conference of his second term, has specified how, in any case, the Six Nations will not changed, regardless of whether or not the new tournament was launched.

Browne said: "The NFL, NBA and AFL are the most successful professional competitions, they are all closed tournaments, without the promotion / relegation mechanism. So you can really invest in your technical structures, infrastructures and your players.

Being able to develop a professional sport, however, in a situation where it is difficult to invest adequately for fear of relegation, becomes extremely complicated. It really doesn't make much sense. If Ireland were to demote in a tournament to face, for example, against Germany, Spain, Georgia and Russia, among others, the reality is that it should immediately eliminate two of its professional franchises. We must preserve what we have: at the moment the key word of our sport is survival."