Scotland beats England at Twickenham and rewrites history!

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Scotland beats England at Twickenham and rewrites history!

In the first match of Six Nations 2021, Scotland got a historical achieveme, by beating England 11-6 at Twickenham. Twickenham commemorated the 150th anniversary of the first international match. In Edinburgh in 1871 two nations faced each other for the first time, Scotland and England The British for the occasion took the field with an old-style all-white shirt with the old Lancaster squad emblem.

Scotland does not make any changes to its look. It rains in London: on the 29th minute Scotland went in goal with wing Van der Merwe taking advantage of the numerical superiority for the yellow card to Billy Vunipola guilty of tackling Finn Russell in the neck.

The English captain Farrell brings back under him with two set pieces, we are witnessing a real battle, we go to the locker room at 6-8. The second half is even harder, the Scots tackle and do not concede meters, England's attempts to move the ball crash on the Scottish wall due to a few too many mistakes.

Russell extends another three points, Eddie Jones leaves his post to take the field. Time passes and Scotland becomes more and more confident, the Highlanders charge each other, manage the last minutes very well, the last English ball is recovered by the immense third line Hamish Watson who takes charge of kicking out.

Scotland win 6-11, their first Twickenham win since 1983. For the team of coach Greg Townsend it is a victory that launches them in the role of protagonists in the Six Nations, while for the outgoing champions of the coach Eddie Jones the road will be all uphill.

Matchday one will be completed tomorrow with Wales-Ireland.

Scotland beats England at Twickenham and rewrites history!

Russell's cross kick to find number 8 Matt Fagerson wide right, possession held and play quickly reopened to the left, until the hooker George Turner serving Duhan van der Merve, the winger makes a pirouette, reenters on the inside and closes in goal.

But then two Owen Farrell's places bring England back to 6-8 on which we go to rest, with the English who seem to collect more than they deserved. Scotland with patience and attention keeps possession and occupies the opposing half of the field, also creating some headaches for the hosts, up to obtaining the infraction that Russell sends to the pitch for 11-6.

At 55 'the Scottish opening, however, misses what the break could be worth, then at 58' the English defense with a lot of skill is saved on a maul at 5 meters. From a ball recovered well in defense, England around 70 'manages to return to the opposing half with the ball in hand, but the attack mode is quite monotonous, they try to break through in the center, with the Scottish defense that does not make a mistake and leaves no gaps.

After a good break by Tom Curry, in the ground battle in the mid-field the Scots conquer a free-kick that allows Stuart Hogg to try the placed from almost 50 meters, but he too sends it wide. A five-a-side football from Farrell sends the Scots back into the 22 defensive, but they never make mistakes, on the contrary, they also win a scrum and on the ball kicked away there is the sensational forward of Jonny May on the line of his 22.