All-Blacks won the Rugby Championships!

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All-Blacks won the Rugby Championships!

All-Blacks won the Rugby Championships! In Sydney, on the last day of the tournament, Argentina and Australia drowerd: New Zealand champion. Australia and Argentina drew 16-16. A result which officially hands over the title to the All Blacks, who finished at 11 points: Argentina and Australia close together at 8.

Argentinian Mario Ledesma, after the first victory over the All Blacks, got criticisms at home for not having adequately honored Diego Maradona's death, and then he faced the old racist tweets of Pablo Matera, Guido Petti and Santiago Socino, initially suspended, complete with revocation of the rank of captain at the first, only to reach a hasty rehabilitation in 48 hours.

Australia dominates and in a quarter of an hour collects 93 percent of possession and territory, forces the Pumas to 5 infractions, finally takes advantage of James O'Connor's return to the opening to move the backs better, but for several small errors fails to take home points.

And at 15 'comes the yellow card for the second line Marcos Kremer, who in an attempt to clean the ruck hits O'Connor with a shoulder to the neck.

Domingo Miott, at 30 'puts in a place and carries on his team. At 34 'from a possession on a touchline launched in their own 22 meters, Argentina first advances up to 10 meters with the maul, then with Felipe Ezcurra they break the break in the opposing half of the field, with the half offering then the run in goal a Bautista Delguy.

On the last possession beyond the siren the Wallabies look for the big target, but are rejected by the Argentine trench on the goal line, so on the offside they choose to place with Hodge for 6-13.

At 60 'difficult decision of the referee and Tmo, who sanctioned the Australian second line Lukhan Salakaia-Loto with the red card for a high, violent and dangerous tackle, on Santiago Grondona, with Miotti, definitively taking over from Sanchez, who slips the consequent placing for 16-9.

At 66 'the situation is rebalanced for the yellow at the second line Lucas Paulos, who crushes an Australian maul two meters from the goal and so a minute later the Argentines can do nothing on the new maul finalized by Hooper, with Hodge transforming for the 16-16.

And in the 79th minute on an Australian throw from touch, an Argentine infraction and recently placed inside the half court, from an angled position for Hodge, who however sent wide.

What happened with the racist and xenophobic tweets

In recent days, the three players ended up in the eye of the storm for racist tweets written between 2011 and 2013.

In his tweets, Matera targets blacks, especially South African, Paraguayan or Bolivian and pregnant women, while Petti takes it out on his maids and Socinus with the blacks. Matera said: "I apologize for the offensive and barbaric terms used.

In those years I had no idea who I would become and today I can only take responsibility for what I wrote 9 years ago." Petti added: "These tweets don't represent who I am today." Leonardo Bigi, founder of the Pueblo Rugby Foundation in Cordoba, said: "At 18, I never thought of posting such things.

I find it hard to believe how guys like me could have had this kind of mentality!" Only some weeks ago Matera was also protagonist with a moment with a refree. The dialogue between Pablo Matera, captain of Argentina rugby ‚Äč‚Äčteam and the referee, during the Tri Nations match against New Zealand, will amaze all fans of rugby and not, once again showing all the principles of this incredible sport.

The little scuffle that arises between the players of Argentina and New Zealand, at the beginning of the last match valid for the Tri Nations 2020, is something we almost always see on the playing fields. After a few shoves, Matera is called back by the referee: "Pablo, you are the captain, what we need is your leadership towards the team, not that you push the opposing players, ok?" The player's response is exemplary: "Ok, but I can't tolerate seeing my teammate hit in the face.

I'm playing for my country, it's not respectful." "I understand that - the referee replies with respect - but let us take care of it, we don't need the captain's intervention, show me your leadership."