Six Nations, Italy-England 5-34!

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Six Nations, Italy-England 5-34!

Italy-England, the match of the fifth and last round of 2020 said it: the British conquered the Tournament, over France and Ireland. Until the break, takes a different turn. In the second we return to the tracks of logic. And for Italy, at 27 ° k.o.

consecutive in the Tournament, comes the fifth wooden spoon in a row, the tenth in twenty-one editions. Farrell himself, first with the transformation and then with a placed, stretches (10-0). But England, in the heat, tends to overdo it and also misses several tackles.

So much so that Canna, on a Watson-Sinclair mess, retrieves a dirty ball and serves Polledri who, by arrogance, finds a large corner along the left touchline and, at 18 ', shortens the distance. Padovani, injured, had to give way to Mori, but the rookie Hill also got a yellow card and England were forced to one man down for 10 minutes.

The vice world champions drift and suffer the opponent's initiative. Italy, twice, gave up placing to go into touch and, for some long phase, had the ball in hand. Eddie Jones's team is in confusion. Too bad, however, that Polledri, a true leader, at the end of the time undergoes a yellow card, for foul play on the English maul.

But the 5-10 of the interval.

Six Nations, Italy-England 5-34!

England immediately took advantage of the extra man: on a kick from Violi intercepted, Youngs - again him - turned the pitch over and, after a minute of play, went to the goal undisturbed for a significant personal double.

The guests find the compass and, if that's not enough, Minozzi has to come out bleeding for Palazzani: the unpredictability of the Wasps extreme cannot be missing. England, now, is really serious and on the push of the maul it is George who goes to the goal.

Farrell from the pitch is a guarantee and at 52 'the score is 5-24. Italy, with several players in evidence have the merit of not collapsing. But the opponents have their goal very clear and the fourth goal arrives, the one that gives them the bonus point: touch action, grouping and Curry, on the closed side, has an easy life.

Now everything is easier and here is the fifth realization: it bears the signature of Slade. Two bad transformations by Farrell (one goes off on the post) hold the score at 34-5. Meanwhile some days ago we told you the Six Nations 20201 is at risk!

The most important matter is the possibility of hosting teh crowds in the stadiums. with a reduced number federations would see their revenues drastically reduced and this is giving rise to the intention, with the countries of Great Britain in the front row, to postpone the next edition until a later date.

While the revenue from television rights would still remain, the share of revenue represented by the box office still has a large weight in federal revenue. The Six Nations has long been a small gold mine for the national teams that play there: looking at the Italian situation, the revenues from this tournament in 2019 were more than 42% of the total turnover of the Fir It is still being discussed, but many are already of this idea.

"We have to study all the hypotheses, but it is one of those we are evaluating," explained Six Nations director general Benjamin Morel. What is certain is that starting the tournament from scratch without an audience in the stadiums would be inconvenient for all the teams taking part in it.

England rugby team has a turnover that is almost 200 million higher than the Italian one. It therefore becomes very simple to understand what the weight of the public and sponsors that such an event is able to create and why the proposal to postpone the tournament for a few months was born in UK.

Moving it in the summer is just as complicated because next is the "year of the Lions", that is the moment when a team made up of the best players from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland challenges the super powers of the southern hemisphere Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.