Welsh players' strike action is supported by Tom Shanklin


Welsh players' strike action is supported by Tom Shanklin
Welsh players' strike action is supported by Tom Shanklin

Welsh rugby players have threatened to strike the Professional Rugby Board over certain new rules. They are disappointed due to salary cut problems, as well as due to the contract freeze, which will call into question the contracts of many players.

Former Wales international Tom Shanklin is disappointed by what is happening and believes that the Welsh Association is making shameful moves. “It is beyond embarrassing. We (Welsh Rugby) look like we are completely amateur compared to all other professional rugby nations.

It's not just about money – they are threatening to strike over their jobs and their futures. They are without a plan. It’s February now, and for clubs not to be able to negotiate deals for player contracts for next season is disgraceful.

The impact of this will be felt for a while. There might be an exodus of Welsh players, maybe not for usual reasons we lose players be that extra income, change of culture or sampling other countries – but just out of morals because of what has gone on.

Welsh players who represent their country are feeling a total lack of respect and trust. I’m with them. For me, out of principle, I think they are doing the right thing in the way they are protecting themselves in striking out.

Because something has to be done. We cannot go through a season, like this, where no-one knows budgets, no-one can recruit."- Shanklin said, as quoted by walesonline.co.uk

Tom Shanklin explains the problem

He believes that in this climate the players cannot be focused on rugby.

The Welsh Rugby Board has created big problems that they will have to deal with. We will see if this situation will escalate and lead to even bigger problems. "In this current climate, as professional as you are as a player, it is difficult to put that to the back of your mind ahead of a game.

If its relationship issues, things at home, personal family things it can be easier to lock away. But not knowing what you are doing professionally, not knowing how much you are going to be paid, where you are going to be living, if you have to move your family - it far outweighs a win or loss.

The biggest result we can have this weekend in Welsh Rugby is if we can agree a deal – but I’m not sure we are going to be at that stage."