Egor Afanasyev: I’m going to try to do everything I can to make the team

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Egor Afanasyev: I’m going to try to do everything I can to make the team

Egor Afanasyev is ready for his debut in the strongest hockey league in the world, the NHL. He will be ready to give his maximum and everything necessary to play in the strongest competition. He has great potential and is aware of his capacities.

Now Egor has to prove himself to the coach. “I’m going to try to do everything I can to make the team,” Afanasyev said during the development camp in July, as quoted by In 2019, he was selected in the draft by the Nashville Predators.

Last season he played great for Milwaukee of the American Hockey League. He learned a lot from older players. It is clear that Afanasyev is open to new experiences, to new things. In addition to quality, this can be enough to become a world-class player “This was my first pro-North American season, and I think it was a good, successful season,” Afanasyev said.

“I took a lot out of the season, being a pro, knowing how to approach the game, learning a lot from the older guys. I think it was a great experience”.

Milwaukee coach Karl Taylor on Egor Afanasyev

Milwaukee coach Karl Taylor praised the games of this young player.

He saw great talent in him. This is exactly what Afanasyev confirmed on the field. His stats keep getting better and better. "He's got a great shot," Taylor said. "He's always had it. We'd like to see him hit the net a little more.

That's the focus for him because he can rip it. We get that percentage up a little higher and he's going to up his goal total for sure, and also his assist total with second-chance opportunities for his linemates." Afanasyev wants to be tougher, and wants to show that he is not a player who will forgive someone.

He is aware of how much personality traits can mean for building a career at such a young age. "[I want to] be tougher, be stronger because I've got to push the guys around," Afanasyev said. "I'm a big body, so just show the coaches what I can do in … training camp, rookie tournaments.

I've got to be tough." The departure of some players could be important for his place in the team. "That's encouragement every day, motivation," Afanayev said. "You wake up sometimes being lazy in the summer. You got to turn that switch and be motivated every day because you know everyone wants to play in the NHL. I'm one of those guys who wants to be up there."