Tampa Bay made a comeback in the last two minutes

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Tampa Bay made a comeback in the last two minutes

In the replay of last year's NHL final, the current champion Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Montreal Canadiens 3: 2. Tampa made a comeback for the victory with two goals in the last minutes of the game. At 17:51, Corey Perry scored for the equalizer, and at 19:22, the winning goal was scored by Ondrej Palat.

The "lightning" thus came to the fourth consecutive triumph. Previously, Patrick Maroon gave Tampa a 1-0 lead, while Nick Suzuki and Mike Hoffman were the scorers for Montreal's 2-1 advantage. Tampa is fifth in the East standings, while Montreal is at the bottom of the table.

Obviously, they will have to change some things in Montreal, but for now, the game does not look good for them, and they are in great danger. It is possible that in the continuation of the season they will find the right game and return to the old ways, but they will have to work on many things if they want to be on the right path.

The St Louis Blues and Florida Panthers played an exciting match that was resolved only in overtime. Both teams were great, but neither managed to score more in regular time, and the winner was sought later With a goal by Pavel Buchnevich in the first minute of overtime, the St.

Louis Blues defeated the Florida Panthers 4: 3. In that way, the series of three victories of the Panthers, which occupy a leading position in the West, was interrupted. St. Louis is fifth in the East. With 38 saves, Cameron Talbot helped the Minnesota Wild team achieve its seventh consecutive victory by celebrating against the Edmonton Oilers 4: 1.

Minnesota is wrestling in the West, while Edmonton is in fourth place after the third defeat in a row. Results: Nashville Predators - Detroit Red Wings 5: 2, New York Islanders - Ottawa Senators 5: 3, Toronto Maple Leaves - Columbus Blue Jackets 5: 4, Anaheim Ducks - Buffalo Sabers 2: 0, Carolina Hurricanes - Winnipeg Jets 4: 2, New York Rangers - Chicago Blackhawks 6: 2, San Jose Sharks - Calgary Flames 5: 3.


East Conference standings: 1. Florida Panthers
2. Washington Capitals
3. Toronto Maple Leafs
4. New York Rangers
5. Tampa Bay Lightning
6. Carolina Hurricanes
7. Pittsburgh Penguins
8. Detroit Red Wings
9. Columbus Blue Jackets

Boston Bruins
11. New Jersey Devils
12. Philadelphia Flyers
13. Buffalo Sabres
14. New York Islanders
15. Ottawa Senators
16. Montreal Canadiens For now, Florida is at the very top, but a dangerous threat comes from other teams that are not far from them. Montreal and Ottawa are at the very bottom and the question is whether they can get out of this crisis.