Henrik Lundqvist has officially ended his career!

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Henrik Lundqvist has officially ended his career!
Henrik Lundqvist has officially ended his career! (Provided by Sport World News)

Henrik Lundqvist, the legendary goalkeeper of the hockey team of Sweden and the New York Rangers, has decided to end his incredible career in the "Scandinavian Arena" in Gothenburg. "It's a place where I watched my first real hockey game at the age of six.

That's when my dream of one day playing (for Frolunda) began," said King Henry as he is called by the fans of both the national team and the Rangers on whose goal he is and he stood for a full 15 years and in whose jersey he broke many NHL records.

He hoped that this summer he would move the boundaries of his "rule" with records. But the heart, the one that warned him last February that he was nearing the end of his career, now signaled that it was time to retire. "At the beginning of the summer, there was a plan to get back on the ice," said Lundqvist, who signed a contract with the Washington Capitals last fall but did not play a single match because he had open-heart surgery followed by recovery.

"I started training again without any contact. But there was some stagnation." "Too much effort caused chest pain. I was hoping to be 100 percent ready by now. I was told it took a long time to alleviate the inflammation and to take medication and I could get out of the ‘tunnel’ in about a year." "I was thinking about this, talking to my closest friends, family, and wife Teresa .

It came down to how much gambling is and how much I wanted to invest? I came to the conclusion that it was too much of a stranger and risk, and not enough reward to keep playing. "


Although the decision was difficult, Lundqvist made it easy.

"I feel mentally strong since I went through all the challenges last year, starting from the moment the Rangers bought my contract (wrote it off)." "There have been so many 'driving' in the last eight months, I was not in the driver's seat, but in the passenger seat.

It was a time to make a decision. Everything is still fresh." "I made a decision just a few days ago. But I'm calm. When I look back on my career, I see only gratitude and pride. I'm so grateful. " It was no secret that Lundqvist and Rangers were aware after the first testing in 2005 that he had a heart disease that required monitoring.

The condition was monitored regularly, never reaching the point where medical help was required during his run on Broadway. And then, after signing a one-year deal with Washington, Lundqvist went for open-heart surgery because during the testing before the training camp, an enlarged aorta and heart valve were discovered.

After a successful operation, Henrik returned to training at the end of February with a plan to stand on a goal in the week before the playoffs. But, a new problem showed up, so he decided to put an end to a successful career. +