NHL will allow jersey sponsors from 2022

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NHL will allow jersey sponsors from 2022

Not even the most spectacular hockey league in the world withstood the rush of sponsorship money. According to the American media, NHL executive board unanimously advised the teams that they can have sponsors on their jerseys for the first time from the 2022-2023 season.

Teams can now begin negotiations with potential partners whose logo or name will be shown on an area measuring 3x3.5 inches on the jersey, which is slightly larger advertising than on NBA team jerseys (2.5x 2.5 inches) that are allowed from the season 2017-2018.

The move is a continuation of a sponsorship plan tailored by the NHL after allowing franchisees to advertise helmet brands last season in an attempt to open a new revenue stream amid the pandemic. It was then announced that the NHL hopes to raise $ 15,000,000 from sponsorship on helmets, but it is likely that jersey advertising contracts will bring in significantly more.

The NBA, for example, generated revenue from jersey commercials of about $ 150,000,000 last year. The NHL will become the third major American league to ease restrictions on sponsors, after the NBA and MLS. It was previously rumored that MLB could allow the placement of sponsors for the jersey, more precisely on the sleeve, but that idea has not yet taken root, as well as in the NFL, which allows teams to have sponsor logos on training jerseys, but not for games.


The history of sponsorship on jerseys is quite short in the USA and Canada, ie it started in 2006 in MLS with an advertisement on the Rill Salt Lake jersey, but it is much longer in the southern part of the American continent (which in the meantime 'became independent in geography textbooks).

It actually started during the 50s of the last century, more precisely in Uruguay, when the South American giant Penarol decided to put, as the famous Uruguayan journalist and writer Eduardo Galeano wrote a "walking advertisement" in the book "Football - Shine and Darkness"

Only ten years later, in 1966, Vienna Austria was the first to see the benefits of this type of advertising, so they pasted the sign of the brewery from the southeastern part of the Austrian capital on the jersey, and a year later (1967) the team Wormatia Worms, then a member of the second German club football, made a similar move.

It took almost a full decade for this kind of thinking about additional income to be adopted in England. The pioneers in England were neither the then nor the present giants, but Kettering Town. The current member of the National League - North (sixth rank), and then a participant in the Southern League of the Premier Division (seventh rank).

In January 1976, they had an advertisement on their jersey for which they were threatened with a penalty by the Football Association of England (FA) of a huge 1,000 pounds if they don't remove it ...