Boston and Tampa Bay players did not know about the protests

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Boston and Tampa Bay players did not know about the protests

Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning players later found out about the NBA players' protest over the event that happened Zdeno Chara, an experienced defender, and captain of Boston said that they as individuals could not do anything because everything happened just before the game.

"It was so close to our game that we were just getting ready," Bruins captain Zdeno Chara said. "After our pregame meal, we took naps and then we were on the bus, so I don't think any of us were watching the TV until we got to the rink.

And at that point, obviously, it was too close to the game to start any discussions or try to move the games to different dates. We were basically following the schedule the NHL provided to us." , as quoted by ESPN "We support fighting against racism and injustice," Chara said.

"There are different ways to express that fight. NBA players expressed their opinions about it by boycotting the games today. We support NBA players and all the leagues that showed that support."

Dumba supports the protests

Matt Dumba believes that everyone should stand up and give support "It's kind of sad and disheartening for me and for members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance -- and I'm sure for other guys across the league," Dumba said.

"But if no one stands up and does anything, then it's the same thing: that silence. You're just outside looking in on actually being leaders and evoking real change when you have such an opportunity to do so."

Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper also confirms that they knew nothing "I think the world has changed in just this short time that we were at the rink," Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper said. "When I got here at 4:30, I think what's happening now at 11:15 is much different than what was happening at 4:30.

At the time ... those weren't things being discussed with our group. We were preparing to play the Boston Bruins." Colorado coach Jared Bednar says no players have talked about not going out on the field "If our players, even one player, had come to me and said, 'Hey, I don't think we should play,' then we would have addressed it as a team.

But I never got word from anyone in the room," Bednar said. "It's obviously an important topic. It's something that we need to think long and hard about as a country. But I just think that tonight maybe wasn't the time and place for us."