Jaccob Slavin: "I hope we learn something from the pandemic"

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Jaccob Slavin: "I hope we learn something from the pandemic"

Jaccob Slavin, a well-known NHL player, talked to the newsobserver and touched on many topics: the game, the role of the father, and the pandemic. When asked how he feels after 27 minutes of play and spending 12 penalties he answered: “Typically pretty bad.

That game was kind of a weird night because of all the penalty kill time but our kill was doing really well and there was a lot of up-ice pressure, letting our forwards do the work in the O zone." "Me and (Brett) Pesce were standing in the neutral zone for a little bit of that time.

No, I felt fine after the game”. The NHL Players Association recently posted a tweet saying his wife Kylie likes to draw pictures on his face "No, no, she doesn’t draw on my face the way the NHLPA made that look.

But we’ll be sitting in church or at the kitchen table or wherever and she has a pen she’ll try to mark on my hand or something." "I don’t know why it is but I’ve never liked marks on my hand or my arms.

She knows that gets under my skin and she tries to exploit that”.

Father role

Jaccob Slavin revealed what the role of a father is "That’s a loaded question right there but it’s the joy you get out of it, the love you have for your child.

Obviously in my case it’s (daughter) Emersyn. It’s a love only a father can really speak to." "It’s super fun. It’s fulfilling to be able to love someone like that. Even the love you have for a wife is different from the love you have for a child.

It’s unbelievable. " "You watch them grow, you watch them learn, you watch them get hurt and come running to you, right, and needing comfort. It’s just awesome. How much I love Emersyn is beyond measure and then you look at the love God has for us and it’s even more so”.

He also revealed what he would say to his daughter regarding the pandemic "I’m going to try to never remind her of it again. No, it’s the world that we live in. We live in a broken world. " "It was a year of a lot of different stuff and a year that hopefully our world learns from eventually, and our culture and society learn from and we grow from it. But hopefully it’s a year we can look back on and say that was kind of a turning point for our people”.