The new NHL tech pucks!

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The new NHL tech pucks!

Tech pucks are poised to become the standard in the NHL by the 104th season. Technical data. The weight of 170 grams, diameter of 7.62 cm and thickness of 2.54 cm. Professional players have already said that they don't notice the difference in the game.

But the differences are all under the rubber, where the battery, chips and sensors are located. It is not the first time, however, that hockey has tried to modify the puck: at the end of the 90s, under the pressure of Fox Sports, luminous pucks with a more sci-fi look, but definitely less tech than the current ones were introduced.

The effect that was created, and which you can appreciate in the video below, was certainly suggestive, but the athletes found it distracting, and even the public didn't like it. The aim is to collect useful data for teams and players, but also for television and live viewers, providing data and statistics in real time.

It goes without saying that, among other things, this novelty will also open up new scenarios for bookmakers in the live betting sector. What is recorded by the puck will also be integrated by the detections of the sensors installed in the players' protective shoulder pads.

As explained by NHL's director of digital media, Stephen McArdle, every second the sensors will send about 60 pieces of information to the disc, and at least 10 for each player. Before the match, the teams will, as always, freeze the discs to limit their rebounds.

If the special paint on the external rubber coating turns purple then the disc will be usable, if it turns gray it means that the temperature is still too high.

The strange NHL season

2021 NHL season will not have the classic Pacific and Central for the Western Conference, and Atlantic and Metropolitan for the Eastern Conference four Divisions, and given a North grouping for Canada, the other three divisions have become simply West, Central and East, organized on a purely geographical basis and distance between cities.

As Alain Vigneault, coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, said: "in the end it will be a bit more similar to what we experience during the playoffs, as mini-series will be played more often against the same opponent", but the goal will remain.

to win the most games and qualify for the finals like every year. For Canada, on the other hand, it is certainly a special scenario, as Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice pointed out: «For us, everything becomes more exciting here.

All the Canadian media, the websites, anyone will talk about the ongoing internal challenges on the agenda. Everything will have an almost old-school flavor, and there will be even stronger incentives for each team." The subdivision into the classic four Divisions, which make up the two national Conferences in pairs, was abandoned (temporarily), the groupings were made even more on a geographical basis, keeping a specific one for all the teams in Canada, and limiting the movement of the franchises to the maximum for business trips.

The change imposed by the pandemic has mainly blocked Canadian teams within their borders. The ban on travel between Canada and the United States has led to the creation of a North Division that includes all the teams of the Maple Leaf Nation, but the so-called re-alignment has also changed the composition of the groupings of the American teams.

Like all professional sports in the world, also made in the USA ice hockey is dealing with (and has come to terms with) the pandemic and the difficulties associated with lockdowns and closed doors. For the NHL, the American professional league, the 2019/2020 season had already been decisively conditioned by the global situation, and divided into two blocks, ending in September, and, consequently, the new season started in a format specially revised from the start.