Miami police suspect the suicide of Konstantin Koltsov

Former NHL player and boyfriend of tennis star Sabalenka, died at the age of 42

by Sededin Dedovic
Miami police suspect the suicide of Konstantin Koltsov
© Phillip MacCallum / Getty Images

The former forward of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Belarusian national hockey team, Konstantin Kaltsov, whose heart beat to the rhythm of ice sports, unfortunately left us in doubt and sadness, leaving behind a deep void in the world of sports and an inexplicable tragedy.

The death of this talented athlete, former boyfriend of tennis star Arina Sabalenka, shocked the world of sports and beyond. Konstantin, known for his involvement as an assistant coach in the Kontinental Hockey League club, where he passed on his knowledge and passion to new generations of hockey players, left this world in mysterious circumstances that remain an enigma for many.

The club did not reveal the cause of his death, leaving the public in complete suspense. According to the investigators' reports, on the fateful Monday, around 12:39 am, the police and firefighters were sent to St. Regis Bel Harbor for a report of a man jumping off a balcony.

This unexpected news shook the community and caused an avalanche of speculations and thoughts about the possible circumstances that led to this tragic act. The Miami County Sheriff's Department's homicide unit quickly responded and took over the investigation, marking the incident as an apparent suicide by Konstantin Kaltsov.

However, the question of the potential absence of any wrongdoing remains a bitter aftertaste, leaving many in the community puzzled and searching for answers. Konstantin Kaltsov began his career in the NHL in 2003, leaving an indelible mark in the world of hockey.

During his career, he played 144 games, shared the ice field with legends like Mario Lemeuil and Sidney Crosby. His dedication and talent were undeniable, and his presence on the ice was an inspiration to many young hockey players.

In addition, Konstantin had the honor of representing the Belarusian national selection at two editions of the Olympic Games, which was the ultimate confirmation of his career and contribution. His passion for hockey and dedication to the national team were a source of pride for many hockey fans.

Pittsburgh fans have announced an event to pay tribute to this player who left a mark on this NHL club. He may not be the greatest legend of the club, but the messages of tribute to this player on social networks speak volumes.