Spencer Carbery reacts to his team's performance


Spencer Carbery reacts to his team's performance
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The New York Rangers won 2-1 vs the Washington Capitals. Alexis Lafrenière was one of the better individuals, given that he scored a goal. He is happy that his team managed to win after 4 consecutive defeats. Games like this offer hope that the Rangers have the potential for much better results.

"We know we can play better than we played the past couple of games before today. I think today we played a better game. Defensively we were better. That's why we were winning early on, just playing hard defense and offense came after."-Lafreniere said, as quoted by NHL

Spencer Carbery reacts to his team's performance

Coach Spencer Carbery said he really liked how the team played in the last game. He thought they did well for most of the game, especially in the second and third parts. In the first part, there were a couple of situations that didn't go perfectly, and they gave up two goals. But overall, the coach wasn't too disappointed with how they played in the first part.  He is aware that his team has potential, and that they can recover from defeat and show character.

Carbery mentioned that they had to defend a lot because of penalties, but the team did a great job stopping the other team from scoring during those times. The coach also said they wanted to score another goal and get more chances to score when the other team had penalties. Overall, he was happy with the team's performance, but there are still some things they want to improve.

The next few days will be a chance for them to understand where they made the biggest mistakes, and to correct them. The team will not have much time for analysis, given that new challenges are coming one after the other. We'll see how much they can do.