Carolina Hurricanes won 6-2 vs Washington Capitals: Reactions


Carolina Hurricanes won 6-2 vs Washington Capitals: Reactions
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Carolina Hurricanes won 6-2 vs Washington Capitals. Andrei Svechnikov was one of the stars of the night, as he scored a goal and registered two assists. Svechnikov hopes that his team can show the same quality in the future. Such performances give rise to optimism that the Hurricanes can go far.

“I feel like it's chemistry and the power play's been clicking a lot. Hopefully we keep doing that. I think it's chemistry, and you get those couple games and you feel confident and I try to stick with that confidence.”- Svechnikov said, as quoted by NHL

Brent Burns was also impressive, scoring two goals and registering one assist.

Burns mentioned that this year has been tough for the team as they haven't achieved the results they aimed for. They're ready to start winning and creating a series of victories. Since the holiday break, they've been doing better, and it's essential to continue this positive trend. 

The fans are also happy about such performances, and they believe that their team can go in the right direction.

Spencer Carbery reacts

The coach, Spencer Carbery, felt that despite being ahead 2-0, the team didn't have a sense of control during the entire game. Even though they were leading on the scoreboard, they couldn't gain momentum or feel comfortable. This made it clear that they were facing a difficult situation that they couldn't turn around.

To create a successful team geared for major accomplishments, staying attentive throughout the game is key. Even brief distractions can spoil all the good work.

John Carlson was one of those who was not happy with his team's performance. Carlson, as well as the rest of the team, understands that they have to change something if they want to produce positive results.

“Whether it’s the kill there or finding something earlier than that going the other way. Those are big moments in the game, and it doesn’t seem like we’ve captured too many of them and it’s made every game a grind right to the end.”

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