Marc-Andre Fleury disappointed about his 1000th game


Marc-Andre Fleury disappointed about his 1000th game
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Marc-Andre Fleury might not feel happy with his 1000th appearance, particularly as his team, the Minnesota Wild, faced a defeat against the Winnipeg Jets. Fleury appreciates that his milestone 1000th appearance occurred with the Minnesota Wild. Still, he hoped for a better outcome for his team. Unfortunately, several factors weren't in their favor during the game. He is also happy because of the crowd and their welcome. The fans have shown that they respect him and have a great opinion of him.

“I don’t know, I’m kind of happy it’s over. I wish it was a win. Disappointing. I thought the guys played great tonight. Battled hard. It’s a better game than last night in Winnipeg (a 4-2 loss). Two points is what’s important here. Obviously, very flattered by the reception from the crowd, from my teammates. It means a lot. I feel very fortunate that I’ve played for so long and I got to do what I love for many years. I’m lucky for that.”- Fleury said, as quoted by!

Rick Bowness and Hynes reacted

Jets coach Rick Bowness described both games in the series as expected tough battles. He noticed there wasn't much space on the ice and mentioned that the games had fewer scoring chances for a while. Bowness pointed out that both teams have a similar playing style which led to this type of game. He praised the coaching of John Hynes, recognizing the intense way Hynes has his team playing, making them a great opponent.

Coach Hynes felt disappointed about the game's loss but stressed the many good things they did during the match. He praised the team's strong effort and fighting spirit, mentioning they were close to victory. However, in tight games against tough opponents, he noted that the small details become crucial, and he believed these details might have decided the game's outcome.