The coaches and Wayne Gretzky had great reactions to Connor Bedard's amazing goal


The coaches and Wayne Gretzky had great reactions to Connor Bedard's amazing goal
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Connor Bedard stunned many after scoring an impressive goal. Despite this, his team lost to St. Louis Blues 7-5. But. 1 pick in the 2023 NHL Draft still showed his talent and confirmed what can be expected from him in the future.

“When I was pretty young [I scored one], but I’ve got a lot of attempts, so it was good to kind of see one go in. There was just no one there and I just thought it was a good play and I kind of went for it.”- Bedard said, as quoted by NHL!

Wayne Gretzky, the legend of this sport, had only words of praise for 18-year-old Bedard. It's incredible how much confidence such a young player plays with. Many are already predicting a great career for him. Gretzky also made many laugh when he revealed what his daughter asked him after Bedard's goal.

"He’s been fun to watch, and he’s been better than we probably anticipated, not only an ambassador on the ice, he’s been tremendous off the ice for an 18-year-old man. I’m happy for him. He’s got the right coach in Luke Richardson, the right organization. But I couldn’t do what he did tonight. That just wasn’t in my repertoire. 'Hullie' [Brett Hull] could do it. I could never do what [Bedard] did tonight. My daughter Emma is with me and she goes, 'Dad, did you ever do that?' I said, 'No, I could never do that.'"- Gretzky said.

Drew Bannister

Blues coach Drew Bannister is happy with his team's performance. However, he is also one of those who is delighted with the performances of Bedard. Only the best of this game can score such a goal. Although Bannister is aware that it was very difficult to prevent Bedard from scoring, he believes that the quick reaction of the defense could have prevented Bedard from succeeding in his intention.

"It was elite. I [hadn’t] seen one live, to be honest. I thought that kind of took the wind out of our sails. We scored early, I thought we were playing OK. I didn't think we were carrying the game. But I thought when that happened, we took a step back from what we were doing. I don’t know if you can defend that.

It happens so quick, and it was clean. 'Binner,' he didn’t have a chance. I thought we could’ve been quicker to close when he was behind the net. That might’ve stopped that from happening. But that’s a really highly skilled play by a good player. You’ve got to give him credit."

Connor Bedard