Jared Bednar after the win vs Arizona Coyotes: I think it's what we want


Jared Bednar after the win vs Arizona Coyotes: I think it's what we want
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Colorado Avalanche won 4-1 vs Arizona Coyotes. Nathan MacKinnon added an assist, stretching his point streak to 18 consecutive games. Colorado coach Jared Bednar was impressed with MacKinnon's performances. Nathan showed once again what a quality player he is.

“I can't just pick out one thing. If I had to just say one thing, to be able to go 18 games, it's consistency, right. It's getting to a high level and being able to stay there for a long period of time.”-Jared Bednar said, as quoted by NHL!

Jared Bednar hopes that his team can continue at the same pace in the future. After watching last night's match, many had the impression that the Colorado Avalanche can do great things. Bednar was satisfied with his team's performance from the first minute to the end.

“I liked it a lot. Good first period and second period might have been our most complete period of the year. That's what it's supposed to look like from our standpoint, and to sort of dig in the last couple games after a disappointing loss and get two really good victories at home, I think it's what we want. The second period is a template of how we should and want to play.”

André Tourigny reacts

Arizona coach André Tourigny expected much more from his team. In the moments when the opposing team sped up the game and raised the tempo, his team had no answer.

“I don't think we had the answer when the pace of the game raised. I don’t think we raised our game. We stayed level. At the end of the day, I think they were playing fast. We were not."- André Tourigny said.

Much more effort will be necessary if they really want to raise their level.

“When you play those games, those kind of opponents, you want to see where you're at, and I don't think we had the right answer tonight.”

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