Luke Richardson, Chicago coach: We just weren’t playing smart

"It was kind of 50/50 in the first period, and I don’t think we were great."

by Sead Dedovic
Luke Richardson, Chicago coach: We just weren’t playing smart
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Montreal Canadiens won 5:2 vs the Chicago Blackhawks. Nick Suzuki, the captain of the Canadiens understands the importance of him as an individual for the team. Suzuki scored a goal and had one assist. After the match, the captain emphasized that his team had to do more in the first half. However, during the match, they showed how hungry they were for victory, and they managed to achieve their goal.

“We weren’t happy with our start, for sure. The first half of the game wasn’t great, but we know the style that we play and we can come back in games just with our relentlessness. We turned a lot of pucks over and got a lot of chances.

It’s a big opportunity for us. I feel good going into the break. We wanted to show our best effort. I think that will really jump with us into the games after Christmas.”- Suzuki said, as quoted by NHL!

Luke Richardson reacts

Chicago coach Luke Richardson couldn't be happy with his team's performance. The beginning was promising and it seemed that they were on the way to victory. The second half was a completely different story. Richardson believes that fatigue plays an important role. It seemed that Chicago did not have enough strength to hold out until the end and try to win.

“I don’t think we played a smart game. It was kind of 50/50 in the first period, and I don’t think we were great, but we had a nice goal and then I thought we started out the second period pretty good, skating. Then, we just weren’t playing smart; we were doubling up on forechecks and we were doubling up on backchecks, and that left people wide open. Just kind of unaware. It looked like we were the tired team, not them.”- Chicago coach Luke Richardson said.

Colin Blackwell is back after a long break due to injury. Richardson noted that his presence played an important role. It was clear how eager Blackwell was to play and win. Richardson does not doubt that in the future Colin can bring many positive things to the team,

“Yeah, ‘Blackie’s’ brought a lot of intensity, emotion. I think he was almost 300 days between games, so there’s a lot of built-up excitement, energy. He already brings energy to games, and on top of that much time out, he’s raring to go. He’s itching for it. It’s contagious. It’s easy to build off his energy.”