Vegas Golden Knights 6-3 Ottawa Senators: Interesting reactions

“It's mental toughness. It's staying in the moment."- Senators coach said.

by Sead Dedovic
Vegas Golden Knights 6-3 Ottawa Senators: Interesting reactions
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Vegas Golden Knights won 6-3 vs Ottawa Senators. Jack Eichel was particularly impressive scoring one goal and having one assist. Vegas coach Bruce Cassidy didn't have enough words to describe how great of a player Eichel is. He gives 100% of himself during every match. The coach was a bit worried because Eichel played more minutes than expected, but there were reasons for that.

“He's got good energy. His legs are there. He’s probably played a couple more minutes than ideally, but when he has legs like that and they're going, let's get him out there. Jack's certainly been on right now and feeling good about his game. (He's) healthy. Can't say enough about him.”-Vegas coach Bruce Cassidy said, as quoted by NHL!

Adin Hill is one of the players who had the right to be disappointed. After a long absence due to injury, Hill had to leave the game again in the first period. Mark Stone, his teammate, is sad for Hill, considering that he has not had luck lately. Still, Stone has no doubts that everything will be fine with Hill.

“Really just disappointed for [Adin]. I mean, he worked really hard, and he's always worked hard to get back. But I'm sure he'll be OK. He'll get right back to work tomorrow to try and get back in the lineup. Definitely not worried about him. ‘LT’ came in and played really well for us and got us the win.”- Adin Hill said!

Senators coach D.J. Smith reacts

Senators coach D.J. Smith put special emphasis on the mental aspect of the game. His guys didn't seem to want to win enough. When you have a lead, it is necessary to be focused and concentrated. In addition, you have to be brave and fight through the whole match. DJ Smith was not happy with his team's mentality.

“It's mental toughness. It's staying in the moment. It's taking care of the puck. It's wanting to win the game 2-1. If you have that mentality, you have a chance every night. Power play gets us two goals and then we turn around and get toasted on our penalty kill. So right now, we're making a lot of mistakes. But it's mental. It's not a lack of guys caring or lack of effort. It's the mental side of it.”-Senators coach D.J. Smith said.

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