Jon Cooper on a funny conversation with Steven Stamkos after he scored four goals


Jon Cooper on a funny conversation with Steven Stamkos after he scored four goals
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Tampa Bay Lightning won 7-4 vs the Edmonton Oilers. Steven Stamkos impressed everyone after scoring 4 goals. Lightning coach Jon Cooper made many laugh by describing his surprise when he learned that Stamkos scored 4 goals in one game for the first time.

“He looks at me after the fourth one and says, ‘First time ever,’ -Jon Cooper said, as quoted by! “I was like, ‘You’ve got 500 (529) of them, that was the first time you’ve had four in a game?’ And he said, ‘Yeah,’ so we had a good little chuckle on the bench."

When you have Stamkos and Andrei Vasilevskiy on the team, then nothing is impossible.

“But yeah, you need your big guys to come out when the game’s on the line, and ‘Vasy’ (Andrei Vasilevskiy) and ‘Stammer’ did that tonight.”

Steven Stamkos on Andrei Vasilevskiy 

Vasilevskiy was outstanding, making 53 saves. Stamkos prefers games where Vasilevskiy isn't the standout hero, but considering the number of injuries and the team's performance, Stamkos might find some satisfaction.

"Without him, that’s not even a game, so I think we give all the credit to ‘Vasy’ tonight. Certainly not a recipe we want to have to rely on every night, but in a game like that when we don’t have our best and we’re playing a really good team that’s on a winning streak, to have him back there was obviously huge."- Stamkos said.

Stamkos is not surprised by Vasilevskiy's performance, given that he has already shown what a quality goalie he is. Without him, the team could hardly have won.

“He’s done it his whole life in the biggest moments too. You’re almost not surprised, [but] you should be because to play the way he did against the talent that’s on the other side tonight was, I think, even more impressive. He gave us a chance and we were opportunistic and buried our chances. We got a win. It wasn’t pretty, [but] we’ll certainly take it.”

Jon Cooper