Colorado coach Jared Bednar on the performance of the team and Nathan MacKinnon


Colorado coach Jared Bednar on the performance of the team and Nathan MacKinnon
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The Colorado Avalanche won 5-1 against the Buffalo Sabres. Nathan MacKinnon was again impressive and had two assists. He currently has 21 points. Colorado coach Jared Bednar is aware that every player has ups and downs, but that it is necessary to remain confident in the most difficult times and move towards the top.

When a player goes through what he would call a slump, and I think he was still over a point a game but not real happy with the way maybe he was playing, his line was playing, they just kind of stuck with it and worked through it together and now they're kind of out the other side,” Colorado coach Jared Bednar said, as quoted by NHL! “They were working at it long before they got good, and then it started to come for them, and now they're feeling it a little bit. So, I think confidence and just playing the right way and doing the right things leads to really good results for them.”

Jared Bednar reacts

Bednar is happy with his team's performance. At the very start, they showed character and gained a huge lead. After that, they wanted to slow down the tempo and let the opponents have possession. Once again, his team showed maturity and that they are ready for great things.

“Really that was a perfect first period for us,” Bednar said. “I thought the third was a really mature period. We didn't have to do a lot, and Malinsky gets a big goal, right? Like, that's a big goal to stretch it out to 4-1, and then they're the team that has to push and we can just kind of make sure we're playing it safe. And so, I liked the finish to our game as well.”

Buffalo coach Don Granato could not be satisfied with the performance of his team, which once again disappointed. It looked like they weren't motivated enough to stand up to their opponents and show some attitude!

“We win the opening draw, we can't move it up to make a simple play to get in, and that kind of exemplified the night. There was simple and direct to be had right there, and we didn't do it,” Buffalo coach Don Granato said. “When we work, we're a decent hockey team, so yeah, it's maddening. It's maddening every night when that doesn't happen.”