Pittsburgh Penguins GM: Mike Sullivan is the right person for this job

"I think we’re very fortunate to have Mike.”- GM Kyle Dubas said.

by Sead Dedovic
Pittsburgh Penguins GM: Mike Sullivan is the right person for this job
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Mike Sullivan is a person for whom Pittsburgh Penguins leaders have huge expectations and trust. General manager Kyle Dubas sees the future of this club with Sullivan as coach.

“Do I think that he’s the right person for the job now and far into the future? I absolutely do,” Dubas said, as quoted by NHL.com!

Although the club has not been great lately, Dubas believes that Sullivan is not to blame for that. It is clear how hard Sullivan is trying to create a respectable team that can do great things. Nevertheless, social media and fan pressure sometimes influence club leaders to relieve the coach of their duties.

As soon as the team didn’t play to its potential, now it seems that right away, the focus shifts to coaching. I’m not sure exactly why that change has happened, whether it’s social media or just a greater focus on coaching, or what have you."

Kyle Dubas: I think we’re very fortunate to have Mike

The general manager has followed the work of this coach for a long time and realized that there is no better person for the current job.

Sullivan is a coach who observes every detail and tries to make progress.

“With ‘Sully,’ I had my impression of him coming in and my respect for him coming in. Being with him every day, and not only seeing his attention to detail on the systems but his attention to detail on the players and coaching them individually or personally, I think we’re very fortunate to have Mike”.

Dubas does not want to make hasty decisions that could turn out to be mistakes. He is a man who believes that it takes some time to determine whether the coach and the players are doing the right things. Only after a few weeks or months, Dubas will see where his team is, and make decisions based on that.

“When it comes to how we dictate our course, I’m going to give the players and the coaching staff as much time as possible. So just by nature, I’m not going to make any decisions based on how we do this week or next week.

When we get through the All-Star break and on the other side of that, we’ll have a better idea of what we are as a group and where we need to go."

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