John Klingberg will have hip surgery: Details

"He's disappointed like any player, you're disappointed," Treliving said

by Sead Dedovic
John Klingberg will have hip surgery: Details
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John Klingberg will miss this season due to a hip injury. This great NHL player will have to undergo surgery, followed by a recovery process that could take 6 months. Leafs general manager Brad Treliving revealed the details in a press conference.

"It will be at the end of the month December, looking like, and that will effectively end his season," -Brad Treliving said, as quoted by! "I'll have a better idea as we finalize what all is going to get done and ultimately once they do the procedure how long the rehab is going to be, but it's safe to say in the 5-6 month range."

Brad Treliving: He's disappointed like any player, you're disappointed

Brad Treliving emphasized that Klingberg must be disappointed.

In moments when you believe that great things await you, you experience a shock. However, all this is part of the sport, and it is necessary to accept things as they are. Klingberg must believe in himself and hope that he will show his strength after the injury!

"He's disappointed like any player, you're disappointed," Treliving said. "He was hopeful that this wouldn't be the case, but now once you make that determination and once it's finalized, you go to step two, which is getting through it, get through the procedure and get ready for rehab and go from there." There was one option, but ultimately, they considered what would be best for the long run.

"The option that we looked at was patchwork, which he tried to do. This was really aggravated in the Florida game which was game four (Oct. 19) and then you saw him patchwork it for a few weeks so ultimately we wanted to take some time on how to get to the best outcome and ultimately this needs to be done."