Tom Wilson's reaction after scoring a hat trick


Tom Wilson's reaction after scoring a hat trick
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Washington Capitals won 5-4 vs Anaheim Ducks. Tom Wilson delighted fans with his performance after scoring a hattrick. Wilson emphasized after the match that this was a special night for him. Having such a performance and achieving an important victory is what he wanted.

"It's a pretty special night," Wilson said, as quoted by! "A lot of great memories on this journey, a lot of great people, great teammates, family, friends. The city of D.C., everyone has supported me for a long time, so it's an honor to play 700.

You can't take it for granted in this league, and then to get a team win, a big win, and a good night, is awesome." Tristan Luneau scored one goal and had one assist. He wants the team to stay positive and focus on their goals.

Consistency is the key to any team's victory. Their wish is to continue at the same pace in the future. "We're just trying to stay positive," Luneau said. "I thought our last two games were way better; we've just got to stay a little more consistent.

I think that's the message that everyone is talking about, just stick together and play for 60 minutes out there."

Greg Cronin's reaction

Anaheim coach Greg Cronin talked about the absurd situation. "At the end of the day, you can't keep taking penalties," -Greg Cronin said. "It's absurd." Cronin decided to commend Luneau.

The fact that he plays with so much confidence and has the courage to do what many would not is why many believe in him. "You can see how dynamic (Luneau) is offensively and how confident he is with the puck," Cronin said. "He doesn't look for safe plays.

If they're there, he'll use the safe outlet, but when he has open ice and he has an opportunity to create a scoring chance, he does. It's a nice weapon to have back there."