San Jose Sharks secured a victory against the Vancouver Canucks with a 4-3 scoreline


San Jose Sharks secured a victory against the Vancouver Canucks with a 4-3 scoreline
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The San Jose Sharks managed to get a win against the Vancouver Canucks 4-3. Sharks coach David Quinn could not hide his delight at the way his team played. Given the fact that his team didn't look good at all three weeks ago, Quinn has every right to be happy.

"Think about where we were three weeks ago against this team, and how far we've come and the progress we've made," -David Quinn said, as quoted by NHL! "No one's probably faced more adversity than we have, and these guys have stuck together and all they've done is come here and get better every day.

I give them a ton of credit." Vancouver coach Rick Tocchet believes that his players did not have enough respect for their opponents. The Sharks took advantage of that and managed to win. This is an important lesson for his team, which must change its mentality before important matches.

"San Jose has been playing well. We worked hard tonight and we tried at the end to come back. You've got to respect your opponents. This is a learning lesson. Playoff teams don't do this sort of stuff. " - Tocchet said.

Emberson and Lafferty

Emberson believes that winning this match is a dream come true.

"It's a dream come true and obviously something that you work a long time for," said Emberson. "It was nice to get it in a win." Lafferty believes that his team must have a winning mentality from start to finish. The moment they did that, the results came.

This is surely an important lesson for his teammates to enter every match in the same way. "I think the lesson for us [is play a] full 60 minutes," Lafferty said. "When we've done that this year, we've had a lot of success. So I think that's the formula for us."

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