Vegas Golden Knights won vs Dallas Stars 2-1: Interesting reactions


Vegas Golden Knights won vs Dallas Stars 2-1: Interesting reactions
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The Vegas Golden Knights managed to secure a victory against the Dallas Stars with a score of 2-1. Jack Eichel scored in overtime, clinching the win for his team. Jack described his perspective on the game, highlighting how crucial his contribution was.

This performance underscored the Knights' reliance on him, emphasizing that they're a different team when he's on the ice. “We get the puck back in our own zone, coming up the ice. Kind of just weaving a little bit, trying to get them to make some bad reads and get an opportunity to attack,” Eichel said, as quoted by!

“Originally, I was trying to pull it back and shoot it, use the defenseman as a screen. Kind of fanned on it a little bit. Puck goes through [Stars defenseman Thomas Harley’s] legs, and it’s just me and the goalie.

Tried to go around him, and lucky to see it go in”. Thomas Harley also explained how everything looked from his perspective.
“I had the shot covered and I had the move covered. I didn’t have the fan on it and get behind me covered, so I’d like that one back."- Harley said.

Adin Hill

Adin Hill had 31 saves. He emphasized that this was a tense match, like the previous one against the same opponent. “I thought that we just battled. We did everything we could, whether it was laying down to block a shot or diving to get a clear out.

Just that desperation level. It’s always an intense game when we play Dallas, and tonight definitely matched that. ”- Hill said. Oettinger made 24 saves for Dallas. Being a goalie is not easy. Oettinger was just talking about the challenges that every goalie faces.

“It’s difficult sometimes when the other goalie’s standing on his head. Mentally, it’s tough. I feel like early on in my career, I would feel like I had to try to do more. I can’t go out there and hit someone or score, so I just kind of have to wait.

When I get my opportunity to make a save, I have to step up and not try to feel like I have to do too much”. - Oettinger said.

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